Project Objectives

Data Collection and Autonomous Transport

PPE Certificates

Blockchain Architecture

Proposing a generic sustainable and
efficient transport network framework tested on linking routes between China and Austria. To ensure the objective of an efficient delivery by using connected and automated technologies, FCD Data will be collected and analyzed, and methods for sustainable transport will be applied.


Simplifying the comparison of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) certificates and matching production capacity with PPE.

Creating a federated blockchain infrastructure of logistic services, computing, and storage supply chain. Integrating smart-contracts for automatizing the logistic system transaction executions and implementing provenance techniques for logistic transactions quality auditing.

These objectives will be tested in the laboratory setting of our use case by

  • Developing the necessary Blockchain solution as a Proof-of-Concept (PoC),
  • Apply the desired research fields on real-time data sets (collected/researched),
  • Proof the optimization potential of each research objective,
  • Create a distributed, parallel, and multi-level optimization system based on the PoC Blockchain, and
  • Estimate the throughput of the global PPE Supply Chain by verifying the ADAPT PoC functionality with selected stakeholders in a live-testing project phase.